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Medical students in their practical year

As the academic teaching hospital for University Hospital Erlangen, it is of particular importance to us to pave the way for young doctors to start their careers. We regularly train human medicine students at our special clinic during their practical year. These students gain comprehensive insights into the fields of internal medicine, surgery, anaesthesiology, gynaecology and obstetrics, neurology, paediatrics and radiotherapy.

We are a modern maximum care hospital with 1,096 beds in 26 clinics and institutes divided across our two establishments, Klinikum Bayreuth and Hohe Warte Clinic.

The practical year spent at our institutes represents a good compromise between highly specialised and modern training and individual support of the student. If you are interested and have the personal aptitude, attractive opportunities for further employment in one of our medical departments will be open to you after passing the state exam.

Bayreuth is not only a festival city, but also an attractive university city and home to some 72,000 inhabitants and around 13,000 students. The largest city in Upper Franconia offers you a wide and varied cultural scene and extensive opportunities to pursue sports and leisure activities in the neighbouring Fichtel Mountains and Franconian Switzerland.

More information about our individual specialist medical departments can be found under Clinics & Institutes.
Please contact our Human Resources department for more information:

Sabine Bergmann
 +49 921 400-2314
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Helga Jäger
 +49 921 400-2315
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Postal address:
Klinikum Bayreuth GmbH
Preuschwitzer Str. 101
D-95445 Bayreuth 

More information on how we handle your personal data as a job applicant can be found here:

Support in finding an apartment:

Our accommodation service will help you find a staff apartment.

Erika Schnörer-Schmidberger
 +49 921 400-2871
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In addition to offering you sound training and the opportunity to complete regular in-house training courses during your practical year, we also offer you:

Financial support:

  • €373/month
  • Free daily lunch
  • Help in finding a staff apartment at Hohe Warte Clinic (by availability)