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Further training as a Nursing Expert for integrative medical treatment management (P.I.M.B.)

Holistic treatment is becoming increasingly important when looking after and caring for patients. In this context, naturopathy is becoming increasingly important as an extension to the nursing repertoire. This is not about replacing pharmacological therapies, but rather meaningfully supplementing them in the sense of integrative medicine.

This is where further training as a Nursing Expert for integrative medical treatment management comes in. The focus of the 150 teaching units here is placed on ear acupuncture/trigger points, aroma care and the application of compresses and pads. In addition to extensive theoretical foundations, the learning contents are taught in practical units and through personal experience. As a PIMB specialist, you will be able to advise both patients and treating doctors on naturopathic treatment management and alleviate symptoms and discomfort using gentle methods.

PIMB training is provided by the Zentrum für Integrative Medizin Bayreuth (ZIMB) at Klinikum Bayreuth GmbH and is aimed at nurses in hospitals, hospices, nursing homes and outpatient nursing services. Our motivated and multi-professional team of lecturers is made up of experienced experts from throughout Germany. The theoretical and practical lessons take place in a pleasant atmosphere.

After successful completion of the course paper, each participant receives a certificate with the title "Nursing Expert for integrative medical treatment management (P.I.M.B.)".


Ihr Kursleiter und Ansprechpartner für mehr Informationen

Stefan Scharnagel

Team management: Acute pain service

Nursing Expert for non-pharmacological pain management (P.N.M.S.®)